Thank you very much for your participation. Chris would have loved this. A great event. In memoriam

Dear friends:At the suggestion of Fabián Portilla, @FT_Mcqueen91, I have organized this event in which I hope we have a nice time and we can laugh as we used to do with our dear friend Chris. We will honor his memory by doing what we did with him: driving and, although it is a difficult moment for all, smiling and laughing. I think that's what he would have wanted.Although we could have just got together and made some improvised races, I thought it would be fun to do a small championship in this session. Of course this event has no formality or is subject to any supervision. It is simply a way of doing things organized so that this meeting, besides being fun, has a good dynamic.

Event timing
I will be the host. The room will be created thirty minutes before the time announced for the start of the event. If I am not on the friend list of any of the participants, please send me a friendship request. My PSN ID is @adellanotte

Party chat
PSN voice chat rooms only allow 8 people at the same time. Depending on how many drivers are enroled, we can do one, two chat rooms, or also, none. We´ll see on the fly.

In Memoriam Sticker
I have designed a simple vinyl so that we put it in our cars. In this way I can make some photographs that remember the event and especially remember Chris. It can be used as a plate or as a normal sticker to be put anywere in the car. I have also created a ready-to-upload .svg file you can download by clicking the button.

Download the Sticker | SVGDownload the Sticker | ZIP

Common rules
Settings: Stock
Aids: Off
25 p / 20 p / 16 p / 13 p / 11 p / 10 p / 9 p / 8 p / 7 p
10º 6 p / 11º 5 p / 12º 4 p / 13º 3 p / 14º 2 p / 15º 1 p / 16º 1 p

The classification will be determined by the sum of the points of each participant in each of three races.
Warm-up race does not score for the championship.
Points obtained in the third race are worth double.

Racing program

Warm up race (non-scoring)
Car: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
Category: N400
Circuit: Streets of Willow Springs
Grid: 10 m. qualify – fastest first
Starting mode: rolling
Laps: 7
Tires: Sport Hard
Tire wear ratio: x0
Fuel consumption ratio: x0

Race results

P Driver Points
1st Daryl 0
2nd Vevoda 0
3rd Antonello 0
4th Tacom 0
5th Fabian 0
6th MastrGT 0
7th Pirulito 0
8th Jason 0
9th Soldja 0
10th Bryan 0
11th Dave 0
12th Michael 0

Race 1
Car: Mazda Roadster S ’15
Category: N100
Circuit: Tsukuba Circuit
Grid: Reverse grid according to warm-up race results
Starting mode: rolling
Laps: 12
Tires: Comfort Soft
Tire wear ratio: x12
Fuel consumption ratio: x16

Race results

P Driver Points
1st Daryl 25
2nd Antonello 20
3rd Adam 16
4th Fabian 13
5th Jason 11
6th Pirulito 10
7th Bryan 9
8th Dave 8
9th Vevoda 7
10th Tacom 6
11th Michael 5
12th MastrGT 4
13th Julien 3
14th Roger 2

Race 2
Car: Renault Sport Mégane Trophy ’11
Category: Gr.4
Circuit: Dragon Trail Litoral II
Grid: Reverse grid according to race 1 results
Starting mode: rolling
Laps: 10
Tires: Racing Hard
Tire wear ratio: x14
Fuel consumption ratio: x7

Race results

P Driver Points
1st Fabian 25
2nd Antonello 20
3rd Daryl 16
4th Jason 13
5th Pirulito 11
6th Bryan 10
7th Adam 9
8th Vevoda 8
9th Tacom 7
10th Michael 6
11th MastrGT 5
12th Julien 4
13th Roger 3
14th Sarral 2
15th Anderfonta 1
16th Soldja 1

Race 3 (Double Prize)
Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Category: Gr.3
Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya
Grid: Reverse grid according to race 2 results
Starting mode: rolling
Laps: 15
Tires: Racing Hard
Tire wear ratio: x9
Fuel consumption ratio: x5

Race results

P Driver Points
1st Fabian 50
2nd Antonello 40
3rd Daryl 32
4th Sarral 26
5th MastrGT 22
6th Pirulito 20
7th Jason 18
8th Vevoda 16
9th Tacom 14
10th Michael 12
11th Bryan 10
12th Roger 8

Championship results

Driver Points
1rst Fabian 88
2nd Antonello 80
3rd Daryl 73
4th Jason 42
5th Pirulito 41
6th Vevoda 31
7th MasterGT 31
8th Bryan 29
9th Sarral 28
10th Tacom 27
11th Adam 25
12th Roger 13
13th Michael 11
14th Dave 8
15th Julien 7
16th Soldja 1
Photo: Daryl Fenton

Cheers guys!. Feel free to leave a comment. This page will remain online indefinitely.


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